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In a boutique agency with high-end clientele like ours, we offer personal conversations with Joshua Hale, our founder… from your first contact to the completion of your project.  


FOUNDER | Village Features



Josh founded Village in March 2012 after earning a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from Clemson University in South Carolina with a focus on urban and community design, city planning, and 3D digital technology for use in design and communication of the built environment. As part of his studies, he joined a high-profile urban design studio designing an urban area adjacent to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Paired with his undergraduate science degree, he's uniquely equipped to adopt emerging technologies in the CGI and virtual reality fields.

One of Josh's key motivations in launching Village was his desire to help bridge the communication gap between designers, built-environment professionals,  and their clients as well as the public.

His personal work focuses on clearly communicating the design intent of architects and other designers while boosting his own clients' ability to close more real estate sales, streamline stakeholder approvals of public or private building projects, and procure investors. 

Reach Josh by phone at 843.540.7205 or via email at jmhale@villagefeatures3D.com. Click the button below to schedule a call on Josh's calendar: 


What will you need to begin?

Architectural drawings | We'll gladly accept whatever your architect has available, from elevations to floor plans. 

CAD files | These are essential to our work on virtual reality tours. If you'd prefer, put us in touch with your architect and we'll request these for you.

How much should you budget?

Below is a small sampling of some of our pricing packages to provide you with a ballpark frame of reference.

We'll be glad to provide you with a custom quote after our conversation, when we can gather needed details. 

Luxury home exterior
| $995

MirageVR™ virtual reality
tour: single space
| $2,495

MirageVR™ virtual reality
tour: core package
| $8,995

MirageVR™ virtual reality
tour: premium package
| $14,995