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The design and construction of a new church building can be a significant undertaking. Key to success is building support among the congregation—they must not only buy into your plans but rally behind your vision, since they will fund the construction through tithes and other fundraising support.

Designed by the premier Franck & Lohsen Architects, one of the most recognized classical architecture firms in America, St. Ambrose Catholic Church's new cathedral would be built of strong and timeless materials and incorporate visually striking elements including a traditional stained-glass rose window and a vaulted ceiling with arched wooden beams. For Franck & Lohsen's ecclesiastical division, which specializes in Gothic and Neo-Gothic architecture for the Catholic Church, this wasn't out of the ordinary... but for the parish it was an ambitious project. 

We assisted in the presentation of the cathedral's plans by crafting interior renderings, presented as still images and in the form of a video, to help this Catholic church's stakeholders visualize just what their cathedral would be like when finished. 

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